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Our Curriculum

Tustin Meadows Tiny Tots (TMTT) provides parents an opportunity to share in their child’s first school experience.We want our children to build a positive self image, develop problem solving skills, inspire creativity and wonder, and learn consideration of others. This environment will give your child a chance to explore life and gain independence in preparation for future school years ahead. Group times consist of directed music, stories, finger plays and other learning activities. Inside the classroom children can choose to participate in dramatic play, curl up with a book or engage in activities which include blocks, puzzles, play dough, games or crafts. Outside is time for make believe, hands on science, dig and play in the sand and water areas, climb or paint.The classroom environment is divided into different areas to cultivate many facets of learning. The art easels and art project area encourage creativity and personal expression. The dramatic play area helps encourage communication and physical expression where the child could pretend to be Mom or Dad or maybe their big sister. There are blocks, manipulative objects and puzzles that help a child practice and enhance fine motors skills, spatial relationships, patterns and matching. These activities help with pre-math and pre-reading. The children also have opportunities to practice phonics, counting and letter writing. There are music activities, sensory experiences, and science experiments.The preschool is in a community with 4 different playgrounds to go to for outside plays which give the children many different outdoor experiences. filefile 6
The following is an outline of our day-to-day curriculum:

  • Calendar and circle time with Mrs. Gallegos.
  • 45 minutes of Free Choice (can choose any classroom activity, such as: art, dramatic play center, building with blocks, puzzles, science activities, etc.)
  • Creative art activity (craft) planned with general weekly themes (dinosaurs, insects, ocean life, plants, etc.) – offered during Free Choice
  • Problem solving: daily science activity (sinks or floats, colors, density, magnets, etc.) – offered during Free Choice
  • Clean-up time, bathroom, wash hands.
  • Quiet time: Book area available
  • Story Time: Parent reads book to class.
  • Snack
  • Language Development: Circle time, students listen to a book, recite zoo phonics, or move to music.
  • Gross Motor: Outside play at the park (climbing, swinging, throwing a ball, running, parachute games, sidewalk chalk, sand play, etc.)
  • Sharing Time
  • Class dismisses